Professional Diving

Professional Diving

We do all kinds of diving work at competitive prices, fast response and can be reached around the clock by phone.


Examples of dive jobs.

Salvage and search of cars, boats/ships, snowmobiles and boat motors.

Closure / flushing of the electrical cable and hose / tube.

Inspection of piers, bridges, ships, water intake, drainage and dams.

Construction work, casting, cutting, welding, wood work, and miscellaneous repairs.

We also have experience from diving in the toxic environment, full suit rescue, this requires longer response time.

We also have equipment to scan large areas with sidescaner.

Access to the ROV, this requires longer response time.



We have extensive experience in the dive and diving work and have the necessary training, A, B, Class 1 certificates and dive leader education.

We have also trained divers for full suit rescue and have access to boats and authorized to drive these, graduate ship's Class 7 and degree machine 7th

The company has been around since 1995 and has worked with various diving work since.



+46 (0)70 6650457, try this number first, Fredrik

+46 (0)70 3481988, Henrik

+46 (0)70 6190171, Anna